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Sorry for the slew of apartment notices, but I'm starting to scramble.

I live on 50 Kirkwood. It is a duplex; my group of friends live on the ground floor and in the fully-finished basement. We are offering a double room. Right now, it is me and my friend, but both of us are going abroad next semester. It easily fits both of us and is a little bigger than your standard BC double. While you would have you own room, you will be sharing the downstairs with only one guy, but otherwise you have a common room, full kitchen and full bath to yourself. There are 5 guys who live upstairs and as I said earlier, 1 guy who lives downstairs and they're all great guys. I don't know the 8 people who live in the top two floors, but we've never had problems with it.

We also have some nice furniture that we would be able to sell for super cheap.

For two people, the rent is $600/month a person with all utilities included, which is really nice for the area and size of the house. If you want to move in and use it as a single (it would be really large for one person), we're fine with that, but the price would be around $700-800/month. We are willing to negotiate on both prices.

50 Kirkwood Apt 1 is a nice, spacious house with two kitchens, two full baths, and large common areas. We're a 3 minute walk to the South Street T/BC bus stop (and about 3 minutes to Moogy's) and about a 10 minute walk to Lower Campus. It's already fully furnished and you would only have to pay for a bed, dresser, and desk, if you need one (again, we would be willing to sell all these for super cheap). You can contact me at endlessdave (@) gmail (.) com or just respond to this post. And if you know anyone looking for a place, be sure to tell them about us. I can provide photos if need be.

Thanks and have a nice day.
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