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Do I even have a chance? a bunch of questions ahead

Hi, I'm applying to Boston College for regular decision. [I'm not doing any early decisions, just because I can't make that committment to one school.] I kind of wanted to know of my chances of making it in. It's one of the schools I'm really interested in. My friends say I can get into anywhere, but I'm not sure. me ease my pain? Thank you in advance to anyone who answers :)

My ACTs are pretty good: 31 for the main components, and 32 for the writing section. My GPA, on the other hand, isn't that great. It's around a 3.4 unweighted, 3.5 weighted. But I've also taken on a pretty difficult schedule; all honor/AP classes, etc. Last year, I took 4 APs: Calc BC, US History, Language and Comp, and Environmental Science, and except for Calc, I got 4's and 5's. Calculus sucked. I also take three languages at school: French, Russian, and Japanese. Even though Japanese is a joke at my school, I still do well in them: I have a B+ or higher in French, Russian, and Japanese. I also speak Vietnamese at home. I think that in college, I want to continue with French and Russian, drastically improve my Vietnamese, and maybe take Chinese - Knowing 3 UN languages would be a plus point. Our grading system blows: 94-100 is an A, only .5 added for APs, etc.

I want to major in International Relations, and maybe minor in French. This summer, I went to Governor's School for French, and in Virginia, it's a big deal. 1-2 kids get nominated in every high school in Virginia, and only 60 kids make it in. I'm a big language geek.

I think I'll get good recommendations. I'm getting them from my US history teacher, my French teacher, my World Civ teacher, and my Environmental teacher. For the most part, I think they love me enough to write me good recommendations. I hope.

um what else? I'm a national merit semifinalist. I do crew; I did it all year round until this year because I'm applying to 23987423 colleges and those applications take way too much time. I've done it all of high school, and I'm captain this year. I'm also Treasurer of Japanese Honor Society. I've gotten a gold medal in Russian spoken Olympiad, 3rd place in Science fair, a 3 year member of Math Honor Society. blah blah blah. I apologize for this being so long and all over the place. I just want to get into college.
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