Lees (darthpookie) wrote in boston_college,

Active Hillel Community at BC?

Hi! I've just started looking at colleges (I'm a junior), and I've been looking into BC. It seems to bethe size I want, nice location, good programs/departments, etc., so I just have one quick question:

I know that BC is affiliated with the Jesuit faith, and I was wondering how much this plays into the BC community. When I went on the BC website, a lot of it seemed to talk about following in the "Jesuit tradition" and often made reference to its connection to the Jesuit faith. Is there such a strong Jesuit emphasis within the actual campus (both in the student body and just the overall feeling of the school). Are most students Catholic, Jesuit, etc.?

I ask because I'm Jewish and was wondering if I'd feel uncomfortable at a school which lies so heavily in the Jesuit faith. Does anyone know how many Jewish students there are (not a specific number, persay, but a general estimation), and if Hillel is active? If anyone could tell me about BC's Hillel, I'd really appreciate it (just in general, what the Jewish community is like).

Thank you very much!
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